Welcome to the NDSEG Fellowship Program Application Portal!

This is the landing page for all Applications/Programs.  This includes the NDSEG Fellowship Application and Subject Matter Experts application.

To register and begin your application, you will need to follow the steps below:

1.   Click on the blue “Register Button” Above and create an account.  If you are a returning applicant Click on the words “Login” Button listed Above.

2.  Upon setting up an account, you will see a Welcome! Comment, and a blue button to continue to the site.  Please click the “Continue to the site”.

3.  On the next page you will see a verification button.  Please click the Verification Button to verify you email.  You will receive an email message in the email account you used upon registration. Open your email and click the “confirm email address”.  

4.  Click the “View all program button”.  This will take you to the selection of programs.  If you have not verified your email, it will ask you to verify again on this page.

5.  Click the “fill out eligibility form Button”, and then complete the eligibility questions, along with “selecting the appropriate Application/Program” and click “Next Button”.

6.  Upon clicking the next button,click the save my profile button on the next page”.

7.  You will see a pop-up that states you will not be able to make changes at this point.  Make sure you have answered all questions correctly.  If you have not, click "No" and make any necessary changes.  Once complete, click “Yes to submit your profile”.

8.  The Program/Application you chose previously (either SME or NDSEG Application) will show up.

9.   Click the “More Button”.

10. On the next page, click the “Apply” button on the right.  This will be the start of your application.

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